Pressure-treated fire-retardant shakes and shingles are time-tested for over two decades and accepted by the National Building Codes as an affective flame spreading and flying ember prevention treatment.

Fire-retardant products enduring fire protection with a state-of-the art treating process. High pressure-treatment cylinders inject cedar shakes and shingles with fire-retardant solution into the inner wood fiber cells. A heat chamber then cures the wood, permanently locking the fire-retardant into the wood fibers for the life of the wood.  

 The UBC-15-2, NFPA 256, ASTM E-108, and the UL 790 require rigorous testing that include “Spread of Flame”, “Intermittent Flame”, “Burning Brand”, “Flying Brand”, and a “Weathering Test”. Three fire-retardant levels are available, Class A, Class B, and Class C. Fall Creek Forest Products, Inc. provides the best level of protection based on the customer’s needs.

Hail Protection

 Cedar shakes and shingles carry the highest impact resistance rating: UL 2218 Class 4 on ¾” Heavy Shakes and perform very well in hailstorms when compared to other products. Tests prove cedar products receive superficial marring from ¾” hail, while composition shingles bruise requiring replacement. Additional tests prove that Heavy Shakes withstand 2” hail traveling at 71 mph and that most depressions from hail disappear with wood fiber recovery and natural weathering. In fact, hail affects physically sound older shakes and shingles no more than new shakes and shingles. Hail depressions which do not initially cause a split, do not create the potential for future splitting. Fall Creek Forest Products, Inc. has hail-rated shakes and shingles available year round to protect your customer’s most valuable investment.

Preservative Treated

For highly humid regions, long term protection from weather and decay is available. A pressure-treatment impregnates cedar shakes and shingles with a preservative (CCA) that protects shakes and shingles from fungal decay, adding years to the life of a roof or sidewall. CCA shakes and shingles have a limited warranty of 30/50 years.


Superior Wind Resistance

UL-1897 tested Certi-Split® shakes and Certigrade® shingles with the fourth edition “Uplift Test for Roof Covering Systems” with results of 180 PSF (pounds per square foot) and 90 PSF. A subsequent report by a Florida Registered Professional Engineer conducted for a specific house in Dade County, Florida using no safety factors, converted the PSF numbers into miles per hour figures of 245 mph Certi-Split® shakes and 173 mph for Certigrade® shingles using the analytical method for wind design of roof cladding set forth in Section 6 of ASCE 7-98 (American Society of Engineers).

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